It’s All In The Design

By Caleb Clark posted 10-29-2018 15:46


We’ve heard it before, right? It’s all in the design.

What I mean by that today is … it’s all in the design … of your promo items. When creating a promo item, it’s easy to just slap a logo on something, but what I suggest you do is try to make that items an “it” item. (This is it, chief.)

Below are a few examples of how we’ve taken an item that just would have been a fine giveaway and put it over the top with the design.

This one was simple. Take a popular t-shirt and make it work for the brand. 


And now my favorite giveaway we've done. 

The Dabbing Brutus Dad Hat was given away at three separate athletic events (Baseball, Women's Volleyball and Men's Basketball) as a student promotion. Out of the three events TWO of those games garnered student attendance records and one of them led to a third highest student attendance.

Ohio was stirring from a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship and everyone remembers the photo of LeBron James exiting the plane in Cleveland wearing his Kermit the Frog dad hat. We wanted to emulate the look of the hat, but with an Ohio State twist.

We designed a version of Brutus doing the "dab" in a style that was similar to that of the Kermit hat.


How can you make your promo items "it" worthy? It's all in the design.