Three Lessons I Learned While Watching Super Bowl LII

By Elaine Russell posted 02-07-2018 12:36

I am sure most of us tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday. I am also sure we all as sports marketers look at sporting events such as the Super Bowl through a different lens and take away elements we would like to incorporate into our game days. Here are a few lessons I took away from this year's Super Bowl! 

How can we use humor more when marketing our programs? Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., and the rest of the NY Giants weren’t afraid to showcase their dance moves (or lack thereof) in the "Dirty Dancing" spoof commercial. I for one am not the type of person that laughs out loud out commercials, but this one did! Do we have student-athletes or coaches from our programs who aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone and try something new if it means more fans in the stands rooting for them or bringing more attention to your brand/school? If so, how can we go about bringing more humor into our creative pieces? What is the recipe for creating humorous content without diminishing your brand or product? 

Fan Engagement 
If I am being completely honest there were only two reasons I tuned in to watch Super Bowl LII, one being the commercials and the other being Justin Timberlake performance at halftime.  After JT’s performance, I immediately jumped on Twitter to see people’s reaction to his performance, and although I thought it was all that and a stack of BBQ, Pizza, and Jalapeno Pringles, I realize he did not hit the right note with everyone. Regardless of your opinion of the show, his attempt to keep fans engaged throughout his entire performance did not go unnoticed. How many times did he acknowledge the city of Minneapolis? Why did he end his performance dancing with fans in the stands? Why did he pause to take a “Super Bowl Selfie” with a teenage kid who more than likely didn’t know JT was once a member of ‘NSYNC? He did it for Fan Engagement. How can we engage our fans more in our venues? After all they are the one who breathe life in our arenas, stadiums, and rinks.

Before Sunday’s Super Bowl, I didn’t know much about Nick Foles, except that he was the backup quarterback. And I admit I doubted the Eagles could beat Tom Brady and the Patriots with a backup quarterback. However, what I learned while watching this backup quarterback complete pass after pass and lead his team down the field over and over again, is that believing in oneself is a powerful skill!   
We all have doubts, it doesn’t matter if you are the starter, role player, bench-warmer, injured, coach, trainer, captain, or the leader of the entire organization. Regardless of your status, you have to keep believing that when your number is called, you’ll be ready to step up and make the play. How are we preparing ourselves for when our number is called? Will we be ready, or will we have doubts?

Thanks for reading.... What are some of your take-a-ways from watching Super Bowl LII?