It's Fall Y'All!!!

By Elaine Russell posted 10-09-2018 09:20

I love the fall, not only because September is my birthday month, or the weather being unpredictable, but I love what fall represents.
As a kid and even as an adult today, I love the beginning of each school year. The newness that it brings. The new shoes, school supplies, new backpack, new planner, new haircut, and all thing that the start of a new year brings.

I love going back to school and seeing friends I hadn’t seen all summer long and now as an adult working on a college campus I love the first months of school. Watching the new students adjust to new surroundings, watching what those experiences bring and see them filled with hope. I love watching our student-athletes train to compete for their upcoming seasons and then see them execute on the variety of fields of play.

And then October hits and it is officially fall, and I have to remind myself why I love fall. Now some of you reading this may not have yet experience what us the “biz” call the cross-over season, but it’s here, we’re living it. Our fall sports are well into conference play and some have winning championships in their sights, while our winter sports our gearing up and getting more focused on their seasons ahead.

And speaking of focus, our focus has shifted too. Hopefully most of you are experiencing successful fall seasons and gearing up for the long haul that could mean championship games and bowl trips, but we have to have our minds right to not only prepare for an extended fall season, but to also take care of the sports that are quickly approaching their seasons.
How do you do this? How do you retain focus on what is currently happening, but still make future plans? And more importantly how do you do this, while maintaining some sanity and realizing we have lots of responsibilities, but they’re fun responsibilities! We get to make plans for promotions and design t-shirts for future give-a-ways, and in the middle of all this, hopefully we get to celebrate alongside our student-athletes and coaches as they experience championships, breaking records, and achieving their goals!
So, I ask again, how do you do this, maintain your sanity during a time where it seems the work won’t ever end. For me, I remind myself what work should be … fun! I take my job seriously, we have serious discussions within our external team about budgets, revenue goals, and exceeding fan expectations, but at the end of the day, when I close my eyes to find some sleep, I try to find the fun in what I get to do the next day and remember why I love fall – the newness it brings, the excitement of the next chapter starting, the thrill of new challenges.
I know this is easy for me to write, maybe easier for you to read, and I acknowledge not easy to do. However, I will do this tonight, and I hope you do too. Before you shut it down and try to find some sleep, think of three things you get to do the next day (or week, or month) at work that are fun!

Now when winter hits in Buffalo … that may be a different story … I do not love winter!! :)