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NACMA 3 Pillars at Work Program - Auburn

By Korbin Pate posted 05-15-2019 11:22


One of my favorite moments from the past school year was my weekend spent in Auburn, Alabama as part of the NACMA 3 Pillars at Work Program. The campus and community certainly lived up to its nickname as the loveliest village on the plains. I have highlighted some of my favorite ideas and sights from the weekend. A huge thanks to the NACMA board for putting this great experience together and to Dan Heck's team at Auburn for the first-class hospitality and experience!


We arrived on Friday to meet the staff and tour the Auburn campus. The marketing staff put together a wall with a list of where all their former interns, student assistants and GAs are currently working around the country. A great recruiting tool just like you see with sports bragging about players in the pros. 


 As part of the facilities tour the Auburn staff showed us their club area in the basketball arena. On football gameday these suites also double as tailgating suites for fans. A great way to maximize revenue and offer a great experience for the fans all year long.


With brand management being one of the three pillars it was great to see Auburn's creative hub. All their video production and design staff are housed in one building. Auburn's social and digital content is some of the best in the country and it is easy to see how that innovation/collaboration is encouraged with this setup.


Gameday was finally here! That morning we sat it on the meeting with the interns as they went over the scripts and duties one last time. One idea we have brought here to SFA is the dynamic scripting. Instead of having every game with the same script order, the dynamic scripting allows you to optimize your activations as the game flows.

Some of my favorite ideas leading up to the game were the private youth combine they held out on the practice fields and the Coca-Cola Fan Fest out in the tailgating area.

Once we made it inside the stadium, the overall experience for the fans was great. The team constantly had content to engage the fans on the video board leading up to kickoff. Whether that was through video, live interviews from the radio booth, live look-ins or Tagboard, they never stopped with engaging content. This was the main hub for the production staff with PA, video board director and DJ.


We were very appreciative of Allen Greene taking the time to visit with us during the game. He has a great team at Auburn!


My main objective was to leave this experience taking away practical ideas that we could implement at SFA. There have been multiple instances this past year that I have referenced something I learned on this trip when planning with our external group at SFA. If you have any desire to grow professionally, learn from some of the best in the business and just have a great time, I would highly encourage you to apply for this program. Thank you again to Brian Hicks and the entire NACMA board for this terrific experience!

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05-28-2019 19:03

Great recap, thanks for sharing!