Scribble a Handwritten Note Today

By Lauren Taylor posted 09-28-2017 16:25


As I transition into a new position, work to organize myself, and figure out the best plan of action for my first 30, 60 and 90 days - I am reminded of a simple thing that was taught to me early in my career via the most unlikely of things - getting mail. My first day with the Southeastern Conference was the Tuesday after Labor Day and as I settled into my office scribbling a list of people I wanted to email or contact. One of our administrative assistants comes into my office with envelopes addressed to me (yes, on my first day of work) with a big smile and says, "We've been holding onto these until you started...people must really like you."

To my utter surprise, there were over ten notes from various people I've met along my career path congratulating me on my new role. I was completely humbled by the outpour of love that I was receiving. While at the same time at home I had a box full of what I like to think of as "pick me up notes" from my Maryland family organized by #TeamMarketing to send me off with love from all the people I've worked with at Maryland.

I tell you all this to say, while reading these notes it cdame over me the power of a handwritten note. Doesn't sound very glamorous but it is something I truly believe can be the game changer in not only your career but personal life. I live by the handwritten note golden rule, "Just because you can text or email it doesn't mean you should." (Yes, I made that up).

In a world where sending a quick text or email is the norm, I challenge everyone to step outside of the norm and scribble a handwritten note. I know we all know this but it is a great reminder that our industry is very small and I know we are all looking for ways to set ourselves apart. Taking the time to show others that you are appreciative of their time, congratulate them on milestones or just plain thinking of them can be the touch point that makes a difference.

Of course, I don't think we should do these things for show or just because it is "the thing to do" but because it is what you feel is right. I mean who doesn't like to receive mail, especially the kind when someone took the time to handwrite the address and note inside. I truly believe the value of a hand-written note is greater now than it has ever been – in our immediate thinking world, it shows genuine thought and effort. 

I know handwritten notes won’t generate likes, RTs or follows, but they will grow your personal relationships and ability to put smile on someone's face.

Scribble a note today - could be the most important note you ever write.

Ps. Thanks to everyone who ever wrote me a handwritten note. I still have them all.