Master the Invisible Skill

By Nicole Jones posted 06-23-2017 16:10


Summer can be a time of reflection, looking back on the past, reliving the ups and downs and planning for the future.  This summer as a marketing team, we decided to kick off our quarterly Book Club by reading and discussing the book Do Over by Jon Acuff.  In part of this book he talks about “Master the Invisible Skill” and gives nine invisible skills that each person should keep in mind to improve their performance, making them a better employee and teammate.

He starts with Exceed Expectations.  “If you need more to do, find more work to do.  Finishing the work your boss though would take you forty hours in only twenty-five hours does not mean you’ve just earned an extra fifteen hours of me time that week.”  Be a team player and ask what’s next.     

Second he talks about Be Diplomatic.  He gives great examples about not engaging in useless power struggles.  “Lose those battles on purpose and win the relationships instead.”

Third is Express Gratefulness.  Do not complain and be grateful for what you have.

Fourth he brings up Show Consideration for Others.  The example he gives about microwaving seafood in the break room is spot on.  Be considerate of your work environment. 

The fifth skill he addresses is Focus on What Matters.  “Get obsessed about the quality of your work, not the quality of your title.”  This can be difficult in an industry like ours, however you hear time and time again from great leaders to focus and be the best at what you are currently doing and it will lead to great things.  Trust in the process.

Sixth is Play to Your Strengths and Everyone Else’s.  Know what makes others tick and showcase the best of each person.  His example made me laugh as he talks about not scheduling creative meetings at 4 pm on a Friday when everyone is wiped out.  Sure each of us can relate to a time that this has happened to us. 

His seventh invisible skill talks about Being Flexible.  “Don’t be the one that complains all of the time, try to adapt to the situation you are in and work with what you have.”  He throws out there that “his simple rule of thumb is, unless there’s a live cobra in the office, you will be ok”. 

The second to last skill is Respect the Gear.  “Just because you are given something does not mean that you own it.”  Remember that if you do something on the phone, laptop, iPad, or whatever device your employer gives you, make sure you are ok with your boss being able to look at it to. 

Finally, his ninth and last invisible skill and probably one of the most important is Continue Your Education.  Make full use of any continuing education funds to assist you in becoming a better you. 

Take time this summer to reflect on your past and plan for the future by keeping in mind these nine invisible skills that will help you become the best version of you.  Do Over is a fantastic read that truly makes you stop and think, giving great career advice on how it’s never to late to start over.
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Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing!