#NACMAYP – How Do You Define Marketing?

By Patrick Dillon posted 01-11-2018 18:42


In addition to my role as Director for Marketing at Xavier, I’m fortunate to be an adjunct for a Sports Marketing class here in our graduate program. At the beginning of each semester, I start off by defining “marketing” with my class. It’s always interesting to crowd-source definitions and hear what everyone’s perception of the term is. 

When I boil it down, I use the simple definition of marketing as “Creating Demand”.

To me, it is important to put what we do into context. Of course we are part of a mission to serve our student athletes. But at the same time, we are marketers and I believe our job is to create demand.

So fellow marketers, as you go through your daily “marketing” activities, what are you doing to create demand? Are you coming up with ideas and executing them – or are you creating demand? Are you selling something to your fans or are you creating demand by providing something your fans want or need?

Have a better definition? Comment below! I'd love to hear from some young professionals.