Needed: Grit & Humility #NACMAYP

By Rachael Doyle posted 06-12-2018 12:46


For all of those #NACMAYP’s out there who have been in their role for a few years or are just starting out, I wanted to share a bit of advice that I’ve learned throughout my years both as an intern and as a full time staffer. The cliff notes version is “don’t become too complacent as you’re climbing the corporate ladder to swap out your heels for a pair of Nike’s to help your team.”

As you grow in your career, you’re going to manage people, lots of people and a good portion of them, especially at the beginning of your career are going to be students. And whether you think so or not, you need to earn their respect (and keep it) if you want a chance at managing* them successfully. *and by manage I mean lead

I encourage you to lead by example no matter what the job title on your email signature reads and what I mean by that is simple. When you ask your interns to clean the cage/storage closet, unpack 15k Starbucks mugs, clean out the bus after an away game road trip, etc. whatever the daunting task you have for them is, make time to do it with them, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

I had to circle back with a few of my past interns to ask for advice when writing this blog and this is what they told me, I don’t even remember doing it but they do and that’s the point. These interns are most likely working for you for free and putting in 10-20 hours per week outside of school and work. All they want is to see that you care and for a bit of your time, you do those things and you’ll have their respect.

At Washington Grit & Humility are 2 of our core values that challenge us to lead by example and to never ask anything from our team that we wouldn’t do right alongside them. Now I challenge you, as I assume most of you have just hired your interns for the 2018-19 season, make a goal to implement Grit & Humility into your leadership style.

I can preach about this all day so if you want to hear more, I'll see you at NACMA!

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06-19-2018 08:20

Thanks for sharing Rachel!

I couldn't agree more. Leading by example is something I have put at the top of my priority list, in all my positions. I have also always felt it is an essential trait to possess in order to make it in this industry.