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Ben Chulick

University of Arizona

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University of Arizona


Excited to lead the marketing team for the athletics department at the University of Arizona. We are fortunate to work and live in a community that is crazy about the Wildcats.

I've worked in sports since 1999. Most of my experience is in college athletics, but I did give the NBA a try for a few years (college athletics is WAY better!). My first NACMA trip was in 2001 in Salt Lake City. A lot has changed with NACMA since back then, and for the better.

I graduated from Michigan State and was enlightened to the wonderful world of college athletics as a director of Spartan basketball's "Izzone." I was hooked and knew I needed to work in sports.

I married a former student-athlete, which helps a lot when it comes to understanding my crazy schedule, and we have two beautiful daughters (ages 9 and 6).